I respect your privacy, because I like my privacy.Good Guy in the White Hat... chief pornographer and head of the CD-ROM Brain Trust. We believed we were businessmen for a while.

I'm just like you - I hate it when I'm required to give my name, address, phone number, or any other personal information just to use some simple item on a site.  Lately the trend has been to make you become a "member" before you can do much of anything. I think sites sometimes ask for information they don't need just because everyone else seems to be doing it, and it makes them feel like one of the big boys.

In most cases the mundane details of your unremarkable life will prove to be of little value to me. I will never share your information with a third party because usually by the time I leave the second party I'm too drunk to say much of anything. Lets face it, unless you want to give me your Swiss Bank account numbers or the combination to your wall safe, I really don't want any information from you. For any of the features that require it such as the mailing list etc. I will only ask for the minimum needed. If I ever have third-party features or affiliated offers they might not adhere to this policy but that's out of my control.

I guess this statement should cover it all. We won't ever give, sell, or trade any visitor information - period, nada, zip, finito!

Any feature that requires you to enter information will also give you the ability to opt out in the future - your record will be deleted at that time - no information will be saved anywhere.